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Best Hearing Aids of 2022


Best Hearing Aids of 2022

The 5 Best New Hearing Aids of 2022

Updated May 2022

2022 is shaping up as exciting year for new hearing aid models and technology. Breakthroughs in rechargeability, discreet sizing with Bluetooth streaming and waterproof are just a few of the innovative features and propriety hearing technologies that set these hearing aid models apart from the competition.

In addition, these new models offer fantastic value across the entire range from entry-level models, for those on a budget, to top-end hearing aids with cutting-edge noise cancelling for clarity in the most challenging background noise environments.

These are our favourites (so far)

  1. Starkey Evolv — up to 55 million personalised adjustments every hour, Evolv delivers effortless hearing

  2. Phonak Life — powered by proven Paradise platform, Audéo Life features unique housing and special coating that creates a waterproof seal

  3. Oticon Zircon — 360° speech and clear sound from all directions, even in noisy environments, so you can focus on the sounds you love, and at a price you'll adore

  4. Phonak Lyric 4 — the only 100% invisible hearing aid worn 24/7, proven to help your tinnitus

  5. Phonak Virto Paradise — custom-made to perfectly fit your ears, Virto Paradise provides premium sound quality and universal connectivity

From $1,585

Starkey Evolv

Oticon Zircon - Best Hearing Aids of 2022

Effortless hearing has arrived

Starkey Evolv AI hearing aids boast up to 55 million personalised adjustments every hour and are expertly designed to automatically deliver realistic and genuine sound quality in every listening environment.

World's first wireless CIC hearing aid

The Starkey Evolv AI CIC is the first hearing aid with 2.4 GHz wireless connectivity. This means the tiny, almost invisible CIC hearing aid is equipped with Bluetooth so you can stream audio via your smartphone or tablet.

Previously, custom hearing aids with wireless capability were only available in larger ITC and ITE sizes.

See the Range

From $2,250

Phonak Life

Phonak Life - Best Hearing Aids of 2022

World’s first waterproof rechargeable hearing aid

Phonak Audeo Life is the world’s first waterproof rechargeable hearing aid, combining the hearing performance of Phonak Paradise technology with additional water protection. Audeo Life's enhanced housing provides beyond the normal IP68 rating to withstand submersion in not just fresh water, but also salt water and pool water at depths of up to 50 cm.

Your life, on the go

For even greater convenience, Phonak Charger Case Go allows you to charge your hearing aids on the move, making them perfect for your active lifestyle.

Review Models

From $1,075

Oticon Zircon

Oticon Zircon - Best Hearing Aids of 2022

Celebrate life all around you

Thanks to ground-breaking technology, Oticon Zircon hearing aids offers 360° speech and clear sound from all directions, even when in noisy environments, so you can focus on the sounds you love.

With sharp pricing and extended warranty, you'll adore the value of Oticon Zircon.

Connect with more

Oticon Zircon offers extensive connectivity so you’re always connected to what matters. Direct streaming from compatible iPhone and Android devices make calls with loved ones easy, and sound streaming from TVs, computers and tablets help you access the sounds of life all around you.

Find out More

$170 per month

Phonak Lyric 4

Best Hearing Aids of 2022

A natural listening experience

Phonak Lyric is placed near the eardrum, and is 100% invisible. Lyric uses the natural anatomy of the ear to amplify and give you a full, natural listening experience.

Lyric is purchased on a subscription

Unlike traditional hearing solutions, you don't actually purchase Lyric hearing aids. Instead, they are delivered on an annual subscription basis which removes the hassles of hearing aid ownership.

Now with multi-year discounts, for 2 and 3-year subscriptions!

Discover Lyric

From $1,520

Phonak Virto Paradise

Phonak Virto Paradise - Best Hearing Aids of 2022

Super Discreet

Virto Paradise is Phonak's smallest hearing aid. It is so discreet, that nobody will see how well you hear. With Biometric Calibration, Phonak Paradise hearing aids are precisely calibrated to your individual ear anatomy.

Connect with Phonak Virto

Despite its small size, universal connectivity of Phonak Paradise Virto P-312 allows you to seamlessly stream audio content from numerous Bluetooth enabled devices.

Strength of Titanium

Constructed from a titanium shell, Phonak Virto P-Titanium is so discreet, others will barely notice it. Virto Paradise Titanium is the 3rd generation of the world’s first hearing aid made from titanium with a 15x stronger and 50% thinner shell than traditional acrylic.

Enjoy Discreet Hearing

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