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Entry Level Hearing Aids

We're delighted to introduce HEARING SAVERS range of entry-level, discount hearing aids at Australia's best prices, from $1,480 per pair. These economy model hearing aids are cheap in price but designed & manufactured by leading, global brands. Our entry-level hearing aids will provide amplification for your hearing loss, and while they lack some of the 'bells & whistles' of the higher-tech models, and may not handle background noise as well, a well-programmed entry-level hearing aid will outperform most high-end hearing aids from just a few years ago!

Included in the price of our fantastic economy range models, you will receive complimentary a 3-year manufacturer product warranty (4-years for Signia hearing aids), 1-year supply of premium batteries, a comprehensive hearing test & evaluation, a fitting appointment to custom fit your new hearing aids, along with a review appointment to fine-tune the programming, and more... read more about our free inclusions. Contact HEARING SAVERS on 1800 00 4327 to save $000s on your next pair of hearing aids.


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