Recycling your Hearing Aid Batteries

Hearing Aid Battery Recycling Program

Many of our clients are unsure what to do with their old, used hearing aid batteries. Can they be placed in the general rubbish? How about the domestic recycle bin? Or better, can they be recycled?

We're delighted to introduce our Hearing Aid Battery Recycle program. Simply drop off your used batteries at either our Bentleigh or Malvern hearing clinics or post them to us at:

494 Centre Rd
Bentleigh VIC 3204

... and we'll recycle your old batteries!

Why should batteries be recycled?

Currently, less than 3% of all batteries purchased in Australia are recycled, the rest going to landfill. Battery recycling allows the non-renewable resources in batteries to be recovered. It removes toxic and hazardous substances from landfill, particularly lead, cadmium and mercury that may contaminate groundwater.

Are rechargeable batteries better for the environment?

Australians use approximately 10,000 tonnes of domestic batteries every year, approximately 70% are single-use batteries and most end up in landfill. If not disposed of correctly, batteries can contaminate soil, groundwater and other waste streams. Rechargeable batteries can be recharged hundreds of times, so not only do they save you money, but through effective recycling can reduce waste, reduce natural resource use and reduce the greenhouse gasses associated in extraction of these resources.