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Hearing Articles & Info


News, Articles and Insights from HEARING SAVERS

YOUR HEARING Hear all about it
HEARING SAVERS News Latest hearing news, new products, interesting insights
Tele-Audiology Access hearing services from the comfort & safety of your home
FREE Hearing Test Hearing is an important part of your health and quality of life
Cheers to Better Hearing Great news, red wine is good for your hearing!
Dementia & Hearing Loss Even a mild hearing loss can lead to cognitive failures
Types of Hearing Loss There are three types of hearing loss
Acoustic Neuromas A benign tissue growth on the eighth cranial nerve
Otosclerosis Bone overgrowth in the middle ear that causes progressive hearing loss
What is an Audiogram? A ‘picture’ of your hearing which indicates how much your hearing varies from normal
Did you know? Little know fun facts about ears, hearing and hearing aids
NDIS & Hearing NDIS is new way for people to get disability support

HEARING AIDS Technology to amplify your life
Hearing Aids Online SAVE thousands on major hearing aid brands with the lowest hearing aid prices in Australia
Best Hearing Aids of 2021 See the best of the 2021 range, so far
Best Hearing Aids of 2020 See our top 7 favourite new hearing aids of 2020
What are Hearing Aids? A hearing aid magnifies sound vibrations entering the ear
Rechargeable Hearing Aids A new generation of rechargeable battery technologies has arrived
Lost your Hearing Aids? The most common causes of lost or permanently damaged hearing aids
Hearing Aid Brands There are eight leading hearing aid brands in Australia
Buying Hearing Aids Overseas Hearing aids purchased from overseas or via auction sites may initially appear cheaper...
Hearing Aid Care & Cleaning Hearing aids are exposed to earwax, perspiration and heat daily
Hearing Aids fit for a Prince Out with the Queen that he has not been fully au fait with things going on around him
GST and Hearing Aids Hearing aids, batteries and most accessories are GST-FREE
Two hearing aids or One? Monocles are not common nowadays, and for good reason

Hearing Aid Batteries Hearing aid batteries are not a one-size fits all
Hearing Aid Battery Tips & FAQs How best to store and extend the life of their hearing aid batteries
Best Battery Brands How to decide which battery is best for you and your hearing aids
Mercury-Free Batteries The performance of Mercury-Free and Standard batteries is equal
Replacing your Batteries You'll hear two beeps when it's time to change your hearing battery
Recycling your Batteries We're delighted to introduce our Hearing Aid Battery Recycle program
Battery Safety & Children Keep your batteries and hearing aids out of sight and out of reach
Zinc Air Battery Technology Zinc-air technology uses oxygen from the atmosphere as an active ingredient




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