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Hearing Articles & Info



.... find out the latest news, new product launches, interesting insights

Cheers to Better Hearing

.... great news, red wine is good for your hearing!

Hearing Aid Batteries

.... read about battery types and sizes, and how to extend the life of your batteries

Hearing Aid Care and Cleaning

.... look after your investment in hearing aids

Hearing Aid Manufacturers

.... who are the big manufacturers in the hearing aid industry?

Hearing Aids Fit for a Prince

.... out with the Queen that he has not been fully au fait with things going on around him

Hearing Loss and Dementia

.... is there a link between untreated hearing loss and development of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease?


.... find out the symptoms, causes and treatments for Otosclerosis

Replacing your Hearing Aid Batteries

.... time to change your hearing aid batteries?

Types of Hearing Loss

.... did you know there are 3 types of hearing loss?

What are Hearing Aids?

.... so, all hearing aids are not created equally

Zinc-Air Technology

.... why zinc-air chemistry make sense for hearing aid batteries

Did you know?

.... little know fun facts about ears, hearing and hearing aids

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