Hearing Aid Care Plan SAVERS+


Hearing Aid Care Membership

Enjoy the convenience, peace of mind and savings of SAVERS Plus.

SAVERS+ is your after-care plan for your hearing aids where your appointments, servicing, advice and consumables are covered for a low fixed annual fee. Plus enjoy exclusive bonus Perks+ for members.

Membership Options

Enjoy the benefits of SAVERS+ Membership for only $300 per year.

Membership Annual Price Discount
1-year $300 -
2-years $285 5%
3-years $270 10%

Save up to 10% per year when you choose a multi-year membership.

SAVERS+ membership is subject to terms & conditions, exclusions and annual limits – please see details below.

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Membership Benefits

SAVERS+ offers you peace of mind and substantial savings to ensure your hearing, ear health and hearing aids are in optimal condition throughout the year.

SAVERS+ Hearing Aid Care Plan

Avoid paying each year ...

  • Annual hearing test - $82
  • Hearing aid adjustment / service - $62 per appointment
  • Wax removal - $95 per appointment
  • Hearing aid receiver - $160 (2 receivers)
  • Hearing aid domes - $54 (3 packets)
  • Wax filters - $35 (6 packets)
  • Hearing aid batteries - $60 (20 packets)

And with Perks+, you will also receive priority access to the latest hearing aid technology, free trials, loan hearing aids and special offers from HEARING SAVERS.

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You can join SAVERS+ at any time.

As we include 1-year of appointments with each fitting, we recommend joining SAVERS+ on your first anniversary from fitting.

Yes, absolutely.

We'll look after your hearing and your hearing aids whether purchased from HEARING SAVERS or another hearing provider. And because we're proficient with all leading brands, you can rest assured your hearing care is in good hands.

We will continue to care for your new hearing aids while you're a member of SAVERS+. There is no change to the service or the price of your SAVERS+ membership. Please note, however, there is a maximum of 2 hearing aids per membership.

If you choose to replacement your hearing aids, we will continue to look after your replacement hearing aids. Under Perks+ you will receive a $50 reduction in any excess payable under the manufacturer's Loss & Damage warranty. Please note that SAVERS+ membership is non-refundable.

Consultations under SAVERS+ are provided at our Bentleigh, Malvern and Essendon hearing clinics in Melbourne.

If you live a distance from our clinics and wish to join SAVERS+, we can provide clinical services remotely via Tele-Audiology.

Prior to your membership expiry, we will send you a renewal notice. Renewal is optional.

You can renew your membership online.

Terms & Conditions

SAVERS+ membership is subject to the following terms & conditions:

  • Membership is available to all clients with hearing aids
  • Your membership commences on receipt of your membership payment
  • Membership is payable in full at commencement of your membership
  • Minimum membership term is 12-months; maximum membership term is 36-months
  • Discounts are available for multi-year memberships
  • Membership renewal is optional – renewal notices will be sent to members in advance of membership expiry
  • Maximum of 1 membership per client
  • Maximum of 2 hearing aids per membership
  • Free postal service is limited regular post to members within Australia and courier service to hearing aid manufacturers
  • Membership is not refundable
  • Membership is not transferrable
  • Membership terms, conditions, pricing, exclusions and annual limits are subject to change without notice
  • Membership is subject to Exclusions and Annual Limits detailed below


SAVERS+ membership excludes all services, products, accessories and consumables unless specified above. In addition, membership excludes following:

  • Hearing aid fitting appointments
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • RIC custom earmoulds and slimtips
  • ActiveVent receivers (Phonak)
  • M&RIE receivers (ReSound/Beltone)
  • Miracell Proear
  • Out-of-warranty repairs
  • Courier services and shipping of hearing aids to clients

Annual Limits

SAVERS+ membership has the following limits each year per member:

  • 1 hearing test
  • 2 wax removal appointments
  • 4 hearing aid adjustments/service appointments
  • 1 receiver per hearing aid
  • 1 re-shell per hearing aid
  • Sufficient disposable batteries to reasonably operate your hearing aids for a 1-year period
  • 3 weeks loan hearing aids

Annual limits reset on each annual anniversary. Any product or service exceeding these Annual Limits will be charged at the regular price, published online at