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Welcome to the exciting world of Audéo Fit

Phonak Audeo Fit discounted at at HEARING SAVERS

Unleash the wonder within

Audéo Fit delivers an unrivalled* hearing experience. You gain access not only to the sounds of life around us, but to the flow of life within us, too. Whether it’s the beat of your racing heart or the rhythm of your continuous footsteps, the wonders within your body are just as beautiful as the wonders outside it.

Phonak Audeo Fit discounted at at HEARING SAVERS

Health data tracking on the go

Audéo Fit when combined with myPhonak app, this powerful hearing aid supports health data tracking throughout the day to follow your fitness and well-being. Gaining insights into your overall health and wellbeing empowers you to make better daily lifestyle choices. 1,2

Phonak Audeo Fit discounted at at HEARING SAVERS

No more batteries

Audéo Fit is rechargeable, so there’s no need to change batteries. The Phonak Charger Case Combi is a charger and protective hard case in one.

Phonak Hearing Aids - HEARING SAVERS

Phonak Audéo Fit Highlights

Phonak Audeo Fit discounted at at HEARING SAVERS
  • Heart rate sensor that tracks your heart rate
  • Promotes healthy habits and creates a greater sense of well-being when paired with the myPhonak app by tracking your heart rate, steps and activity levels
  • Enjoy signature unrivalled* sound quality and universal connectivity of Phonak Paradise
  • Enjoy multiple Bluetooth functions with the ability to connect to smartphones, TV and more

New Features and Enhancements

Phonak Audeo Fit features
Phonak Audeo Fit features
Phonak Audeo Fit features
Dynamic Noise Cancellation
Hear better in noisy situations.
Speech Enhancer
Hear soft-level speech in quieter environments
Motion Sensor Hearing
Hearing adapts to listening situations on the go.
Phonak Audeo Fit features
Phonak Audeo Fit features
Phonak Audeo Fit features
Tap Control
Easy access to Bluetooth enabled devices
Multiple Bluetooth Connections
Seamlessly stream between two devices at the same time
Empowering smart apps
Control your hearing experience

Try Phonak Audéo Fit obligation-free

SAVE more than your hearing

Experience the crisp, natural sound of Phonak Audéo Fit hearing aids with our 30-day obligation-FREE trial offer. Complete your details and we will contact you to start the trial process.

The free trial is available only at the following HEARING SAVERS hearing clinics:

To find out more about this exclusive hearing aid deal, contact HEARING SAVERS today!

Offer ends 30 September 2022

Adrienne Blechman, Principal Audiologist

Adrienne Blechman

Principal Audiologist

Phone ☎ 1800 00 4327
Email: [email protected]

Buy Hearing Aids from HEARING SAVERS

All hearing aids supplied by HEARING SAVERS include a fitting appointment, either in-person or via Tele-Audiology, with a qualified hearing specialist.

Included with your new Phonak Audeo hearing aids from HEARING AIDSFREE
Comprehensive hearing test HEARING SAVERS
Professional hearing aid fitting & programming, tailored to your specific hearing needs HEARING SAVERS
Review appointment to fine-tune your new hearing aids HEARING SAVERS
1-year free hearing aid adjustments & service at your local clinic HEARING SAVERS
On-going in-house hearing aid cleaning, minor servicing and maintenance HEARING SAVERS
3-year supply of fresh, premium hearing aid batteries; FREE charger for rechargeable models HEARING SAVERS
Extended 4-year manufacturer warranty for Phonak hearing aids HEARING SAVERS
1-year manufacturer cover for accidental loss & damage (conditions apply) HEARING SAVERS
Custom ear moulds (if required) HEARING SAVERS
Choice of hearing aid colours HEARING SAVERS
Absolutely NO hidden costs and NO extra costs HEARING SAVERS
30-day hearing aid trial, with money-back satisfaction guarantee HEARING SAVERS
Pensioners & Veterans Government rebates (Hearing Services Program conditions apply) HEARING SAVERS
Private Health Insurance rebates HEARING SAVERS
Price Beat Guarantee HEARING SAVERS
Join thousands of delighted customers across Australia — see our 5-Star Reviews HEARING SAVERS
Shop with Confidence

HEARING SAVERS is completely independent, unlike many other hearing aid providers, which means we'll always offer you the right choice and best value in Australia.

We pride ourselves on offering all our clients our Price Beat Guarantee, which means you can shop with confidence knowing that when you buy from HEARING SAVERS, you are receiving the best prices on ALL leading hearing technology.

Price Beat Guarantee from HEARING SAVERS

We aim to bring you the best value possible for all the latest hearing aids, batteries, accessories and consumables... and that's a promise. However, if you get a cheaper written quote or happen to find a cheaper advertised price, even if it's on sale, we will not only match it, we'll beat it by 5%.

Don't forget, some exclusions apply. Please see our Price Beat Guarantee Terms & Exclusions.

* Compared to Phonak Audéo Marvel
1. Buyl, R., Beogo, I., Fobelets, M., Deletroz, C., van Landuyt, P., Dequanter, S., Gorus, E., Bourbonnais, A., Bourbonnais, A., Giguère, A., Giguère, A., Giguère, A., Lechasseur, K., Gagnon, M. P., Gagnon, M. P., & Gagnon, M. P. (2020). EHealth interventions for healthy aging: A systematic review. Systematic Reviews, 9(1), 1–16.
2. Marcolino, M. S., Oliveira, J. A. Q., D’Agostino, M., Ribeiro, A. L., Alkmim, M. B. M., & Novillo-Ortiz, D. (2018). The impact of mHealth interventions: Systematic review of systematic reviews. JMIR MHealth and UHealth, 6(1).
3. Taphuntsang, D. (2020). Market research ID 4387. Please contact [email protected] if you are interested in further information

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