Which Battery Brand is Best?

How to choose a battery brand

This is a common question we hear almost daily...

HEARING SAVERS offers a comprehensive range of fresh, premium hearing aid batteries from all leading manufacturers. Our batteries are compatible with all hearing aid brands such as Phonak, GN ReSound, Widex, Oticon, Siemens Signia, Starkey, Unitron, Advance and Costco Kirkland.

All batteries purchased from HEARING SAVERS carry a minimum 12-month expiration, however, as we continually replenish our stock, most batteries have a 36+ month shelf life.

Hearing Aid Battery Brands

But how do you know which battery is best?

Importance of Battery Quality

First, it's important to understand that high-quality batteries are essential for the operation of your hearing aids. As hearing aids require stable and reliable power to function at their fullest, the quality of your hearing aid battery plays a crucial role in the performance of your hearing aids.

Many of us are dependent on our hearing aids for every day communication needs, from our morning office meetings, to conversations with our children and grandchildren, and watching our favourite television show at night. Ensuring the quality of your hearing aid battery will not only maximise your battery life, thereby reducing your spend on batteries, it will increase the utility and performance of your hearing aids.

Choosing a Battery

Choosing a suitable battery is important, yet often confusing, given the array of battery types, sizes and brands. Most importantly, your hearing aid model will determine your battery size.

There are four common sizes of hearing aid batteries: 10, 312, 13 and 675. Size 10 is the smallest, and typically used in discreet custom hearing aids, such as IIC and CIC models. Size 312 is the most common size, often used in the popular RIC hearing aids. Whereas, sizes 13 and 675 are larger and typically used for hearing aids which need more power and amplification. While size 675P has the same dimensions as 675 batteries, they are specifically designed with added power for cochlear implant devices.

Hearing Aid Batteries

Luckily, hearing aid battery sizes have standardised colour coded tabs which allow for easy identification. The colours are as follows:

As most battery manufacturers follow the standardised colour code, you can easily find the right size battery for your hearing aid irrespective of the brand you choose. Additionally, this allows you to easily trial different brands to determine which one is most suitable for your hearing aids and listening needs.

Once you've selected the correct size, the best battery brand for you will depend on brand preference, price, packaging, shelf-life, number of batteries per pack, and how you use your hearing aids.

Understanding Battery Technology

Standard hearing aid batteries have been manufactured using Zinc Air technology since 1977. Zinc Air batteries are powered by oxidizing zinc with oxygen from the air - for hearing aid 'button batteries' batteries, this means removing the little tab and exposing the batteries to the surrounding air.

Hearing Aid Batteries Zinc Air Technology

Zinc Air batteries remained largely unchanged until the advent of mercury-free technology in recent years, which provides the same high-quality, reliable performance and power but without the inclusion of toxic mercury. Mercury free batteries are mandated in the European Union, US and many other countries as they are better for the environment and safer for the user.

In 2016, Phonak introduced the Audéo B-R, the world's first lithium-ion powered hearing aid. Lithium-ion rechargeable technology - the same type of battery powering your mobile phone - has, in many cases, obviated the need for disposable Zinc Air batteries. Read more about rechargeable hearing aids.

$3.40 per packet

Rayovac hearing aid batteries

Rayovac has 110 years of experience manufacturing batteries and is one of the largest global battery suppliers to the healthcare, consumer and specialty electronics sectors. Interestingly, Rayovac invented the first wearable vacuum tube hearing aid nearly 80 years ago. The popular premium Rayovac Advanced Extra hearing aid batteries are manufactured in the UK.

Rayovac Hearing Aid Batteries

What we like

  • High quality and premium performance
  • 4-year shelf-life
  • Longer tabs for easier removal
  • Larger, thicker card for improved storage and handling
  • Optimised dial for added security and easier battery removal

$3.00 per packet

Power One hearing aid batteries

Power One was founded in 1972 and is a very popular battery brand in Australia. Power One batteries are manufactured in Germany in the world’s largest production plant for environment friendly hearing aid batteries. These batteries are mercury free which means they are safer and better for the environment. Power One batteries contain high quality zinc components and are designed to have a long operating life, typically lasting between 5-10 days. These batteries provide high level hearing, and work well with wireless devices.

Power One Hearing Aid Battery Sizes

What we like

  • Reliable, high-quality performance
  • Can withstand extreme conditions making them suitable for all types of exercise and climates, e.g. colder temperatures
  • Well designed, discreet packaging which is convenient to carry and ideal for travelling
  • Strong protective seal for each cell to ensure the battery remains safe and secure until its needed
  • 3-year shelf-life
  • Bulk pricing discounts

$2.90 per packet

ZeniPower hearing aid batteries

ZeniPower has been manufacturing zinc air batteries since 1988 and is the most popular brand in Asian markets, holding 80% market share in China. Zenipower is the world’s third largest hearing aid battery manufacturer and all ZeniPower batteries are certified to meet worldwide environmental regulations. ZeniPower is the official supplier of batteries to the NHC in the UK.

ZeniPower Hearing Aid Batteries

What we like

  • Good value - low cost with reliable, strong performance
  • ZeniPower Implant Power voted the world's best performing cochlear battery
  • 3-year shelf-life
  • Bulk pricing discounts

$2.85 per packet

HEARING SAVERS hearing aid batteries

HEARING SAVERS private label batteries are extremely popular, particularly for those on a budget or if you're looking for the best value batteries in Australia. The batteries are available in all sizes and can be purchased in a single packet at $2.85 for 6 cells or box of ten cards (60 cells) at only $27.40. HEARING SAVERS brand offers strong competition for the well-established brands such as Power One and Rayovac.

HEARING SAVERS Hearing Aid Batteries

What we like

  • Very low price point
  • Stable and reliable performance
  • 30-day satisfaction guarantee
  • Attractive and easy-to-manage packaging
  • 3-year shelf-life
  • Additional bulk pricing discounts

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Which Hearing Aid Battery Brand is Best?


The best battery for you will depend on your lifestyle and hearing needs. The same battery can perform differently even when used with the same hearing aid by different people. This is because the life of the battery depends on how, when and where it is used. For example, when exposed to noisy environments, hearing aids often work harder to reduce background noise interference (so you can focus on important speech), and therefore the batteries drain quicker.

Hearing Loss

The severity of your hearing loss also plays an important role in the life of your hearing aid battery. For example, a more severe hearing loss requires greater amplification, which means your hearing aids are working relatively more to bring your hearing levels to within normal ranges.


The type of accessories you use with your hearing aids also impacts the life of your hearing aid battery. For example, if you often stream audio directly from your TV or phone, or use Bluetooth apps , it can drain your hearing battery up 3 times faster.


Sweating, high humidity or any kind of moisture, along with extreme temperatures can adversely impact the life of your hearing aid battery. Optimal performance is achieved at room temperature 10 °C to 25 °C in dry conditions.

See our Tips to Maximise your Hearing Battery Life.

Hearing Aid Battery Trial Pack

Buy and Try

By testing and trialing different brands, you will soon find a battery that best matches your budget and needs.

You can start with a Battery Trial Pack, which contains 7 brands of batteries, to narrow your options. Alternatively, seek advice from family members or friends, check online reviews or contact one of our customer service representatives, who'd be happy to recommend a battery based on your lifestyle, hearing loss and budget.

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