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Unitron Stride

Unitron Hearing Aids - HEARING SAVERS

When it comes to conversations, speech understanding is just the beginning. Communication is more complex than just what is said. In order to have truly rich interactions, you need more than sounds and words.

With the Discover Next platform, Unitron is moving beyond the words to help capture the deeper meaning in conversations. Unitron's unique sound technology helps you understand who is talking, where the voices are coming from, and even the intonation they're using, giving you more insight to the meaning behind the words.

Unitron Stride hearing aids sit behind-the-ear (BTE) with impressive aesthetics, a comfortable fit and intuitive controls that you'll love. Contact HEARING SAVERS on ☎ 1800 00 4327 to SAVE $000s on the latest Unitron Stride hearing aids.





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