Mercury Free Hearing Aid Batteries

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Why do we offer Mercury Free batteries?

It’s green!

As hearing aid battery technology advances, the focus is on mercury free batteries. More and more countries are now legally required to use mercury free batteries, and the number is growing yearly. Mercury Free technology is the only battery fulfilling the new IEC Standard defined for streaming hearing aids.

Traditional zinc air batteries contain mercury, about 1% by cell weight. The mercury is mixed with the zinc powder used in the cell. Because mercury is a metal, it is a good electrical conductor and its properties help suppress internal gassing in the cell. This gassing can lead to leakage or swelling of the battery.

Mercury is a heavy and toxic metal. It is harmful to the environment. If mercury containing used batteries are thrown away, they start to decay in the landfills. Over time, the batteries will start gassing and the mercury inside has the potential to leak out. This mercury can seep into the ground, contaminating drinking water, and into streams. When wildlife eat or drink from these streams they will be exposed to this mercury which could result in death or contamination

How do Mercury Free batteries compare to Standard hearing aid batteries?

The running time, reliability and overall performance of Mercury Free and Standard batteries is equal when used within the same category of hearing aids. Mercury Free batteries are also more environmentally friendly because there is no mercury added to the cell. In addition, the Mercury Free cells have been developed for new wireless hearing aid functionality.

Note: Be aware that for hearing instruments with wireless functions, battery life in general is shorter than it would be with a non‐wireless hearing instrument. This is independent of battery composition (Mercury Free or Standard Zinc Air).

Can Mercury Free batteries be used in any hearing aid?


Which suppliers are making Mercury Free batteries in Australia

All major hearing aid battery manufacturers have switched to mercury free models exclusively.

  • Power One - Mercury Free
  • Rayovac - Mercury Free
  • Signia -Mercury Free
  • ZeniPower - Mercury Free
  • Widex - Mercury Free
  • Oticon - Mercury Free

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