Replacing your Hearing Aid Batteries

How do you replace your hearing aid batteries?

You will hear two beeps when it is time to change your hearing battery. This warning will repeat intermittently until the battery completely runs out.

If your battery runs out, your hearing aids will turn off. When this happens, it's time to replace the battery.

A worn out battery should be removed immediately and disposed of appropriately.

Hearing Savers hearing aid batteries

Using your hearing aids

To activate your hearing aids, insert a fresh hearing aid battery in the battery compartment.

Expert Tip:
Once the tab is removed from the new battery, wait 1-2 minutes before the battery is inserted into the hearing aid. This will maximise your battery life.
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The hearing aid will start up when the battery door is closed. It will take a few seconds until sound is produced. Feel free to put the hearing aids in your ears once the battery door is closed.

If the hearing aid is held in your hand while activated, it may produce a whistling sound. This will stop when properly fitted in your ears.

How to turn your hearing aids on and then turn them off

  • You can turn your hearing aids on by closing the battery door completely with the battery inserted.
  • To turn your hearing aids off, open the battery door completely.

To maximise the life of your hearing aid battery, make sure your hearing aids are switched off when you are not wearing them and open the battery compartment fully to allow air to circulate, for example at night.

Testing your hearing aid battery

If your hearing aids turn off unexpectedly, you may wish to check if the battery has run out. There are two ways to check this:

  • Use a battery tester - place the battery on the battery tester surface. Ensure that the positive, plus sign, marking is facing upwards. Slide the battery in the direction of the arrow and read the result on the display.
  • Without a battery tester - insert the battery in the hearing aid and close the battery door. Close your hand around the hearing aid and hold it up to your ear. If your hearing starts to squeal, the battery is functioning correctly.


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