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Starkey Livio Edge

Starkey Livio Edge AI hearing aids

While Livio AI featured as one of TIME magazine’s Top-100 best inventions of 2019, the new 2020 Starkey Livio Edge AI hearing aid has been engineered to “go beyond” these features with Edge Mode, which applies artificial intelligence (AI) for on-demand fine-tuning of the sound environment. You can double-tap the hearing aid to initiate Edge Mode, which through an environmental analysis of the sound, can provide an “extra boost” in challenging listening situations.

In addition, voice-activated commands can directly control the hearing aid by talking, e.g. for increasing volume or changing listening modes. It can also provide access to Siri, the “intelligent assistant” for iPhone users. Using the Starkey Thrive Assistant feature in the Thrive app, you have instant access to a world of information at your fingertips, getting in-ear and on-screen notifications for tasks like taking medications or a reminder to pick up milk on the way home from work.

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