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The Best Hearing Aids of 2020


Best Hearing Aids of 2020

Updated August 2020

Best Hearing Aids of 2020

The first half of 2020 has been innovative and busy in the hearing market.

Despite COVID-19 restriction, most leading manufacturers launched exciting new hearing aid families, with ground-breaking features, advanced Tele-Audiology capability and most importantly, crystal clear hearing and easy-to-use features delivering hearing and communication benefits for those with hearing loss.

All of these new hearing aids are designed to provide superior sound quality and better speech understanding in background noise, and seamlessly fit into your lifestyle. It is, however, the specific and unique features, along with propriety hearing technologies that set these hearing aid models apart from both older hearing aid models and the competition.

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These are our stand-outs

  1. Phonak Paradise — a multi-functional hearing aid powered by next generation PRISM™ sound chip, boasting twice the memory of its predecessor, and bundled with motion sensors, tap control and multiple Bluetooth connections.

  2. Widex MOMENT — the smallest rechargeable hearing aid on the market plus the first to eliminate the artificial 'sound-sync' problem.

  3. Signia Styletto X — beautifully designed, the world’s first SLIM-RIC hearing aid combines style with the high-tech Signia Xperience platform.

  4. Oticon Ruby — a new standard in the essentials category with so many features packed into the very well-priced Oticon Ruby hearing aids.

  5. Unitron Discover Next Moxi Move — discreet and rechargeable, powered by the advanced Discover Next platform, where spectacular speech understanding is just the beginning.

  6. Phonak Marvel Black — more like an ear bud, Marvel Black is the first custom hearing aid with direct sound steaming.

  7. Starkey Livio Edge —engineered to “go beyond” with Edge Mode, applying artificial intelligence for on-demand fine-tuning, plus the world’s first custom rechargeable hearing aid.

From $1,495

Phonak Paradise

Phonak Paradise - Best Hearing Aids of 2020

There's nothing like the sound of Paradise

Building on the worldwide success of Marvel, Phonak's next generation sound chip PRISM™ in Paradise hearing aids boasts enhanced processing power and twice the memory of its predecessor.

Launched in August 2020, Phonak Paradise offers a host of newly developed features including personalised noise cancelling, motion sensors, tap control and multiple concurrent Bluetooth® connections.

Best in class connectivity

Connect to smartphone, TV and more — Phonak Paradise connects directly to your iOS®, Android™ or other Bluetooth®-enabled devices so you can stream audio in excellent quality directly to your hearing aids.

Plus, as an added convenience, you can simultaneously connect to two Bluetooth devices and seamlessly alternate between the two.

Roger Direct capability

Phonak Paradise hearing aids feature RogerDirect™ which allows the Roger microphones to stream directly to Paradise hearing aids without having to attach an external receiver. With this unique innovation, you can fully participate in conversations even in very noisy environments such as restaurants, meetings at work and school activities.

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From $1,750


Widex Moment - Best Hearing Aids of 2020

A more natural sound experience

Widex MOMENT hearing aids break new ground by addressing one of the great unsolved challenges – no matter how good the sound, it still sounds like a hearing aid. An industry first, MOMENT eliminates that 'out of sync' sound with two distinct signal pathways, with significantly different in processing speed and sound design.

The smallest rechargeable hearing aid

Although the Widex MOMENT mRIC model is the market’s smallest rechargeable receiver-in-canal (RIC) hearing aid, there is no compromise on power you need to hear every moment. No struggling with hearing aid batteries - just a slim, simple charger that fits your life.

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From $2,390

Signia Styletto X

Signia Styletto X - Best Hearing Aids of 2020

A new era in wearability

Signia Styletto X is highly sophisticated hearwear that looks as good as it sounds. Its iconic design transforms the outdated image of hearing aids and introduces a new era of wearability that perfectly matches your lifestyle.

Hear what matters to you

Unique acoustic-motion sensors allow Styletto X to optimise your hearing to every situation so you can hear what matters. Whether you‘re out running, in a bustling shop or restaurant, or relaxing at home.

Personal support at your fingertips

Thanks to Signia‘s TeleCare remote support, you can get direct help from your Audiologist at HEARING SAVERS via the Signia app on your smartphone... wherever you are. You can control the volume and other program settings discreetly via the Signia app

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From $1,740

Oticon Ruby

Feature rich at a very attractive price

Best Hearing Aids of 2020 - Oticon Ruby

Oticon Ruby offers a combination of technologies usually reserved for top-end models: reliable contact-free rechargeability, great sound quality and performance. Ruby features an enhanced feedback management system and outstanding wireless connectivity thanks to 2.4GHz Bluetooth low energy technology.

Prevent whistling before it occurs

Avoid those annoying and embarrassing situations! Oticon Ruby 1's new SuperShield feedback management system prevents whistling before it occurs to improve sound quality and deliver a seamless hearing aid experience.

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From $1,765

Unitron Discover Next Move

Best Hearing Aids of 2019

More than words

Unitron's Discover Next platform helps capture the deeper meaning in conversations. Unitron's unique sound technology helps you understand who is talking, where the voices are coming from, what intonation they’re using, and even what their underlying emotions are.

Get Moving

Get moving in more ways than one with the newest addition to the Discover Next family, Moxi Move R – Unitron's smallest lithium-ion RIC. It will keep you moving all day long thanks to its reliable and hassle-free rechargeable technology.

Made for all connectivity

Enjoy easy direct connections to the people and content you love with hands-free phone calls, video calls and stereo media streaming to both your ears – on all phones, including iPhone and Android, without the need for intermediary accessories.

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From $1,550

Phonak Marvel Black

Marvel Black - Best Hearing Aids of 2020

A modern day hearable

Phonak Virto Black is a fully-connected in-the-ear custom hearing aid that combines breakthrough Marvel hearing technology with the style of a modern hearable.

First custom hearing with direct sound streaming

Virto Black is Phonak’s first custom-made hearing aid with the benefits of Marvel technology, including universal Bluetooth streaming, hands-free phone calls, and a personalised hearing experience via the myPhonak app.

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From $3,800

Starkey Livio AI Edge

Starkey Livio Edge - Best Hearing Aids of 2020

Game changing sound with Edge Mode

With Starkey Livio Edge AI, the power of artificial intelligence (AI) is at your fingertips, giving you next generation sound performance in the most challenging listening environments. AI technology makes getting help in the most difficult listening environments easy, with just a tap.

World’s first custom rechargeable

Custom means the hearing aid is custom moulded to fit your unique ear canal comfortably and securely. Starkey's new charger fits all custom hearing aids and provides up to 24 hours of power in a single charge.

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