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Android Streaming for Widex MOMENT and Widex MAGNIFY


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Widex Moment


Introducing WIDEX MOMENT – a hearing aid that processes sound so quickly, the artificial sound associated with hearing aids is eliminated. Powered by ZeroDelay™ technology, WIDEX MOMENT changes the paradigm of sound in real life, with the breakthrough Widex PureSound.

Widex MOMENT Android Streaming

Android and iPhone Streaming

In October 2021, Widex introduced direct streaming of music, calls, and other content directly from Android smartphones for MOMENT and MAGNIFY hearing aids thanks to an upgrade to its Widex MOMENT App.

With the latest Widex MOMENT App and MAGNIFY App, Widex MOMENT and Widex MAGNIFY hearing aids now support Google’s Android Audio Streaming for Hearing Aids (ASHA) standard, allowing Widex hearing aids to function like traditional Bluetooth headsets and earbuds.

ASHA streaming is handled using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology to preserve both smartphone and hearing aid battery power—a critical feature if you rely on their hearing aids throughout the day but still want to be able to stream.

Widex MOMENT and MAGNIFY hearing aids also support the ability to stream from Apple iOS devices through integration of Apple’s wireless MFi technology, and from other hardware devices through available DEX accessories.

Widex ZeroDelay

WIDEX MOMENT addresses one of the great unsolved challenges facing the hearing aid industry: how to overcome the delay-based distortion that leaves many listeners with an artificial, dissatisfying and demotivating hearing experience. It features ZeroDelay™ Technology, an entirely new and revolutionary way to handle sound, which processes the sound signal faster than any other digital hearing aid.

The ZeroDelay™ Pathway is an additional, industry-changing, ultra-fast signal pathway. This technology reduces the processing delay between microphone and receiver to below 0.5 milliseconds – crushing industry standards.

The ZeroDelay™ Engine combines the input from all key components into one pure, seamless sound experience, including the Dual-mic Input Control which ensures the optimal use of the input from the dual microphone array, the ZeroDelay™ Accelerator and Amplifier. This part of the processor ensures a complete, pure and personalized sound, and the most impressive hearing platform in the industry.

Widex Moment Smallest Rechargeable RIC hearing aid

The World's Smallest Lithium-Ion RIC

Available in the world's smallest lithium-ion RIC device and other RIC and custom hearing aid styles, WIDEX MOMENT needs to be experienced to be believed.

With the WIDEX MOMENT mRIC R D, you can rest easy knowing you'll always have the power you need in an inconspicuous hearing solution, and you'll never have to bother with hearing aid batteries again.

Artificial Intelligence App

Widex MOMENT is compatible with the SoundSense Learn smartphone app, which leverages Artificial Intelligence and machine learning to personalise your hearing experience and create hearing programs based on a your typical environments — family meals, an office meeting, your favourite restaurant, etc.

The app gathers a variety of anonymous data and based on these real-world preferences, a complete personalised listening experience is created for you. These adjustments and custom settings can then also be shared directly and securely with HEARING SAVERS, which helps the our Audiologists to better tailor your programming and listening experience.

Widex Moment Smallest Rechargeable RIC hearing aid

Widex MOMENT Features

Widex MOMENT Features Widex MOMENT Benefits
PureSound Program Provides an easily recognised and transparent sound for first time users with mild hearing loss.
TruSound Acoustics Provides a more natural and personalised sound for each individual ear.
SoundSense Learn An App feature which lets you select your preferred sound experience anywhere, anytime.
SoundSense Adapt Trains the feature sets to your listening needs via an onboard control, DEX or App.
Wind Noise Attenuation Better speech understanding and comfort in windy and outdoor conditions.
High Frequency Boost Improved music appreciation, and ability to hear high pitched sounds, e.g. birds.
Impact Program Personalised program if you want a sharper, crisper overall sound.
Speech Enhancer Best speech understanding in noise through accurate and instant enhancement of speech to focus on the dominant voice in the crowd.
Digital Pinna Provides natural sound in quiet environments by directing sounds into the ear.
Trusound Softener Ensures sudden sounds are heard comfortably, and are not jarring or harsh.
Directional Focus Enables you to focus on speech from behind or either side. Useful in situations like the car.
Made for iPhone Streams phone calls and audio directly from an iPhone to your hearing aid.
Noise Reduction Reduces background noise to enhance listening comfort.
Soft Level Noise Reduction Improves listening comfort by reducing sounds like a humming fridge or fan.
True Input Technology Improved speech understanding and sound quality, without distortion, even in very loud situations.
Feedback Cancelling Uninterrupted listening - no annoying whistling from the hearing aid.
Zen+ Multiple programs of soothing chimes and tones which help you manage your tinnitus.
SmartSpeak Your hearing aid will tell you when you when to change battery or tell you the program you are on.
Audibility Extender A solution for dead regions of the cochlear, to hear important speech sounds like "S".
Sound classes Automatically detects your listening environment.
Processing channels For a more customised fitting to your audiogram.
Fine-tuning Parameters Integrate the aid features in each sound class for a more personal listening experience.
High Definition Locator Finer and better isolation of speech when it’s noisy to focus on the speech in front of you and reduce the background noise.

Contact HEARING SAVERS on ☎ 1800 00 4327 to find out more and save $000s on the latest Widex MOMENT hearing aids.

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