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Phonak ActiveVent Receiver


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The world’s first intelligent hearing aid receiver

Phonak ActiveVent Receiver

Phonak ActiveVent features an automatic mechanically switching vent to provide natural sound of your own voice while optimising your hearing performance.

ActiveVent attaches to your Phonak Audéo Paradise rechargeable hearing aids. It blocks out noise in loud environments to optimise hearing in noisy places while providing you with a comfortable and natural listening experience in quiet.

How does ActiveVent work?

Phonak ActiveVent incorporates a built-in vent in combination with a small disc that moves between two positions: open and closed. A reassuring click signals that the disc has changed position.

Phonak ActiveVent Receiver

Open Position

When the disc is in the open position, environmental sound is able to pass through and thus provide listening comfort, naturalness of own-voice and awareness of environmental sounds.

Closed Position

In challenging listening situations, or when streaming media, the disc moves to the closed position, blocking out environmental sound directly entering the ear, thus increasing focus on speech in front or streaming content.

All this is intelligently and automatically controlled by Phonak's innovative AutoSense OS 4.0.

Inside ActiveVent

Phonak ActiveVent Receiver

Rediscover the wonder of sound in more situations than ever before.

ActiveVent Pros

  • Better experience in noisy environment
  • Better experience streaming sound
  • Flexibility of both open and closed fit

ActiveVent Cons

  • Requires custom tip
  • Increased care and maintenance
  • 6-monthly replacements
  • Only available with rechargeable hearing aids

Paradise – One Year Later

Introduced in August 2020, Phonak Paradise technology offers the combination of unrivaled sound quality, universal Bluetooth connectivity with multiple Bluetooth connections, hands-free calling, and Tap Control for easy access to popular voice assistants like Siri and Google Assistant.

According to Sonova (Phonak parent company), over 1,000,000 Phonak Paradise hearing aids were sold in the past year despite the challenges consumers and hearing care professionals faced with the global pandemic.

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