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Farmer wins Hearing Aids

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The sound of her grandchildren's laughter has never sounded sweeter to Narracun farmer Liz Pisa, since winning a new set of hearing aids from Melbourne-based audiologist, Hearing Savers.

Liz says her new Unitron hearing aids have improved her quality of life enormously.

"Babysitting my grandchildren means so much to me but it was getting to the stage where I couldn't do it because I couldn't hear them cry out and call for me," Liz said.

"It was a real problem, but thanks to my new hearing aids I'm babysitting them far more than I used to," she said. "Music also sounds wonderful again, whereas before the new hearing aids it was just a reverberating noise."

To win her new hearing aids all Liz had to do was trial them for a week from discounted hearing aid provider, Hearing Savers.

She was the lucky winner among many worthy entrants keen to get their hands on a free pair of rechargeable hearing aids in a competition that was an Australian first. One of the most advanced hearing aids on the market, they're exceptional value for $3,900 and have improved the lives of many thousands of people like Liz.

"Right from the start they were great, with Simon, Hearing Savers' audiologist, really listening carefully to what I needed when fitting them," Liz said.

"I could use the new aids on the phone so easily. With the old ones, which I'd had for over 10 years, I was always removing them because of the annoying whistling."

"After a week I really didn't want to give them back, so I was totally over the moon when I won them!" she said.

Liz grew up on a farm and left school early to work on farms and market gardens. Today she grows potatoes, while her husband farms beef cattle in Narracun, near Trafalgar West Gippsland.

She's far from the only farmer suffering from hearing loss. In her case a possible genetic condition was made worse by working close to loud carrot cleaning machines.

"For many older farmers hearing loss is a sad fact of life after years spent working on noisy machinery without hearing protection," said Hearing Savers Principal Audiologist, Adrienne Blechman.

"But the good news is that they don't have to put up with it," Ms Blechman said.

"Modern hearing aids like the Unitron Moxi can compensate for that hearing loss and greatly improve their quality of life," she said.

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