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Phonak Paradise vs Marvel hearing aids

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How does the new Phonak Paradise compare to Phonak Marvel?

Phonak launched the Paradise range of hearing aids in late 2020. Paradise superseded the very popular Phonak Marvel range, offering new features and high quality hearing, particularly in the most challenging of listening environments.

Phonak Paradise vs Marvel hearing aids

So what's the difference?

Many of our clients ask us whether it is worth upgrading from Marvel, or older model Phonak hearing aids, to the new Phonak Paradise. We've prepared a comparison table below of key feature differences to help you decide.

Phonak Paradise Phonak Marvel Benefit
Motion Sensors Greater ability to hear a conversation with partners when walking, and improved awareness of surround sounds.
Speech Enhancement Enhances audibility of even quietly spoken people in calm situations.
Tap Control Easier handling of phone calls, streaming and voice assistances, like Siri, with the simple tap of the hearing aids.
PRISM Chip Double the memory, improved processing speed and more connectivity options.
Spatial Noise Canceller SNR Boost More refined frontal focus & emphasis of key speech sounds to support better speech perception in noise.
Adaptive Phonak Digital (APD) 2.0 APD 1.0 Superior balance of audbility, loudness and sound quality, which reduces listening effort in noise for people with mild to severe hearing loss.
2 Active Connections 1 Active Connection Paradise supports up to 8 Bluetooth pairings and 2 active Bluetooth connections, vs Marvel with 2 Bluetooth pairings and 1 active Bluetooth connection.

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