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Huge Hearing Aid Donation


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Hearing Aids donated to Hearing Matters Australia

During these challenging times in Australia, will rolling lockdowns and significant disruption to our daily lives, we are fortunate to be in a position to share the joy of hearing with those less fortunate.

In August 2021, HEARING SAVERS donated 50 pairs of high-quality hearing aids, accessories and consumables to Hearing Matters Australia.

hearing aids donated to Hearing Matters

Hearing Aid Bank

Hearing Matters Australia and Macquarie University in Sydney established a Hearing Aid Bank to help low-income people access hearing devices in 1988.

Hearing Matters Australia collects donated hearing devices and sends these devices to the Macquarie University Hearing and Speech Clinic Macquarie University, where they are tested and held in the Bank for subsequent issue to people at a minimal cost.

hearing aids donated to Hearing Matters

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