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Hear More with Oticon MORE in 2021


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Launching January 2021

Oticon More hearing aids

We're excited to introduce Oticon More, Oticon's next generation premium hearing device, powered by the new Polaris platform. The Polaris chip is so intelligent, fast and powerful that, for the first time in a hearing aid, you can access the full perspective.

We’re also excited that Oticon More offers direct streaming from compatible iPhone and Android phones. As well as streaming directly from iPhone and iPad, Oticon More can also stream directly from Android smartphones that support Audio Streaming for Hearing Aids (ASHA).

Oticon More is expected to arrive in Australia from early January 2021.

The world’s first purpose-built platform featuring a Deep Neural Network (DNN)

Oticon More hearing aids

Oticon More features a Deep Neural Network that has been trained with 12 million real-life sound scenes. This will support you in the best way possible, delivering unparalleled sound precision and clarity, never before seen in the history of Oticon devices.

More Advanced Technology & Features

  • BrainHearing Technology – your brain needs access to the full sound scene to work optimally.

  • MoreSound Intelligence – Gives precise analysis of sounds and the complex surroundings.

  • MoreSound Amplifier – Gives rapid, high-resolution amplification, precisely and quickly.

Enjoy Next-Generation Connectivity

Oticon More works in harmony with modern technology to deliver features that can benefit you in your everyday life:

  • Made for iPhone and compatible with modern Android devices*, you can stream music, phone calls and more directly to your hearing aids from your smartphone.

  • Take control of your hearing aids on your smartphone via the app, Oticon ON Connect with your Hearing Care Professional remotely via your phone for convenient online hearing aftercare (hearing aid adjustments etc.) with Oticon RemoteCare.

  • No battery changes. With rechargeable batteries you can plug in your hearing aid in the evening and be fully charged for the next day after you have had a good night’s sleep. If you need to hear for longer, a super quick 30-minute charge will provide you with a six-hour power boost.

Contact HEARING SAVERS on 1800 00 4327 to find out more and save $000 on the latest Oticon More hearing aids.

*for the full list, please see:

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